IITC Plugin – Highlight By Mod Rarity

Welp, here’s the latest project. It’s an IITC plugin for Ingress. This was a simple way to start messing with the code, but given that it took less than an hour to do and is pretty useful I suspect it won’t be my last. Give it a try if you’re feeling brave.

Features are:

  • Highlights portals by the number or rare or very rare mods they have
  • Hides portals that have no such mods
  • Allows highlighting for rare & very rare or just very rare

To show all portals again, just turn off highlighting. I’m pretty sure the feature of hiding non-matching portals will bug other people, but I find it helpful. If anyone else uses this I may make it an option. You’ll want to download the Tampermonkey extension first if you’re on Chrome. It may work on Firefox/Greasemonkey, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Download and install here:


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